Ajnara takes certain measures to build the home Vaastu compliant and takes all precautions to make apartments and homes Vaastu friendly.
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Vaastu Compliant Apartments

Vaastu is a form of science that combines five elements of nature. These five elements are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space and together they bring health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. Ajnara takes all precautions to make apartments and Homes Vaastu friendly.

To design the flat according to vaastu, a sum of major amount is spent by clients. But at Ajnara, we take certain measures to build your home Vaastu compliant, as the demand for vaastu-compliant residential property is picking in all metro-cities now a days.

To Build Vaastu Compliant & mellifluent Homes

  • Flat/apartments are constructed in way that it receives adequate light during Sun time.
  • Balconies face green area and pool.
  • Architectures are soothing to the senses, hence creates Peaceful yet Harmonious environment in your Home.