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Eradication of Hunger and malnutrition

Food and Liquid refreshment distribution under CSR Program:

Under Due guidance of mentor Mr. Gyan Prakash Gupta, M/s Ajnara India Limited commonly engages itself in social and benevolent tasks to help poor and raise their standard of living, be it rural infra development, free education to children or edible distribution.

Ajnara Group has been organizing Food and Liquid refreshment distribution programs in various blocks of Noida and Greater Noida, where edibles and drinkables are being distributed among people. Mr. Gyan Prakash Gupta himself alongwith with the assistance of the employees of Ajnara India Ltd. are organizing the event meant for appetite eradication.

Not limiting his virtue only to his family business to provide affordable housing to home seekers, Mr. Gyan Prakash Gupta has always lent his helping hand for the betterment of society and people. He has been organizing such programs through self and in association with government bodies for many years, as he comes from a humble background and understands the need of people struck into poverty.

Through its CSR activities, Ajnara Group - a real estate giant in Delhi NCR has created an atmosphere of humanism among other corporate and industry captains. Eliminating hunger and malnutrition, promoting preventive health care and sanitation, making safe drinking water available, enhancement projects for livelihood of differently abled, and equality of opportunity contribute majorly in peace and stability of the society. And sustainable development is not possible without eradication of hunger and poverty, keeping in mind these social issues, Mr. Gupta has always been ahead in taking the opportunity of service and kindness.