Ajnara India Ltd. is always keen to employ the newest technology available and to raise the ranks of environment friendly technology.
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Environment Responsibility

Ajnara is committed to raise the ranks of environment friendly technology and working practices to ensure the maintenance of natural beauty of surroundings and keeping it intact & alive.

Environmental concern is an integral part of Real Estate and Construction Management and hence utmost priority is given to “Go Green” term and sustainable designs of our architectures. Along with the care of Nature and its resources, it is our objective to achieve the highest standards of Health and Safety, and to effectively control all risks that could result in any untoward case.

Below are the certain measures that Ajnara undertake for environmental affairs:

  • We have our own Water Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant at our projects.
  • Water Harvesting and re-cycling for curing.
  • Use of Bio-degradable materials and elements.
  • Thermally insulated glass for windows.
  • We are the certified member of IGBC(Indian Green Building council). At Ajnara, we follow the procedures and protocols defined by IGBC in construction management.

Ajnara is always keen to employ the newest technology available, keeping in mind that environment is preserved at all level of construction, and still quality is not compromised with.