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Education, Empowerment and Nourishment

Ajnara India in association with Punjab national bank have started working in Education and Empowerment areas to provide Primary education and Mid-Day meals to the children of laborers/workers at various project sites.

In this direction, we have opened a Crèche at Greater Noida (west), in which children aged between 3 months and 10 years are provided food, education and primary skills to develop their knowledge about living, learning and hygiene.

Weekly health check-ups are conducted in the presence of qualified doctors to ascertain the good health of children and their parents. The practice of preventive health care is also followed at every project site of Ajnara or at some nearby hospital in alliance.

At Crèche, there are 50+ children, who now live in safe environment, get nutrition and meals and learn primary etiquettes and skills.

We understand our Social responsibility and our Endeavour is to provide food, education and best living standards to the children of our unskilled manual workforce. Keeping this in mind, we are committed to start more such facilities at all our project sites.