Ajnara London Square is providing residential apartments and checkout its construction updates for the September 2016.
D-247/26, Sector-63
Uttar Pradesh
Ajnara London Square
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As on September 2016

A-3 villa 225sqyd
A-7 to A-4 225 Sqyd
A-12 to A-08 225 Sqyd
B-01 to B-06 225 Sqyd
B-7 to B-9 160Sqyd
B-11 to B-15 160 Sqyd
D-7 to D-12 110 Sqyd
D12A-D-18 Villa 110 Sqyd
D-24 to D-19 110 Sqyd
E & F Raft
E01-09 Villa 110 SQyd
E-10 to E-18 110 Sqyd
F-01 to F-12 110 Sqyd
F-24 to F-12 110 sqyd
G-01 to G-05 90 Sqyd
G-11 to G-06 90 sqyd
H-04 to H-14 90 sqyd
H-15 to H-37 90 Sqyd
I-11 to I-01 110 Sqyd
I-12 to I-24 90 Sqyd
I-25 to I-29 90 sqyd