Ajnara London Square is providing residential apartments and checkout its construction updates for the October 2017.
D-247/26, Sector-63
Uttar Pradesh
Ajnara London Square
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As on November 2017

Club Swimming Pool
Farm House
Harvesting pit
Main Gate
Villa A4-A5
Villa A6-A7
Villa A8-A9
Villa A10-A11
Villa A12
Villa B1-B6
Villa B7-B10
Villa B10-B15
Villa D1-D12
Villa D24-D12A
Villa E1-E9
Villa E18-E10
Villa F1-F12
Villa F24-F12A
Villa G1-G5
Villa G11-G6
Villa G20-G12
Villa H1-H3
Villa H4-H14
Villa H15-H-25
Villa H37-H26
Villa H45-H38
Villa I11-I1
Villa I12-I24
Villa I25-I29