Ajnara London Square is providing residential apartments and checkout its construction updates for the April 2017.
D-247/26, Sector-63
Uttar Pradesh
Ajnara London Square
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As on April 2017

Farm House
Main Gate
UG Tank
Villa A3,A4 & A5
Villa A6-A7
Villa A8-A9
Villa A10-A11
Villa A12
Villa B-1 to B-6
Villa B-11 to B-15
Villa D1 to D-12
Villa D-12A to D-18
Villa D-24 to D-19
Villa E-1 to E-9
Villa F1 to F12
Villa F12A to F24
Villa G1 to G6
Villa G7 to G11
Villa G12 to G20
Villa H1 to H3
Villa H04 to H14
Villa H15 to H37
Villa H38 to H45
Villa I12 to I24
Villa I-26 to I-29