Ajnara Daffodils is providing residential apartments and checkout its construction updates for the month January 2016.
GH-07B, sector-137
Noida Expressway
Uttar Pradesh
Ajnara Daffodil
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As on January 2016

Tower I Amphitheatre side View
Tower I Podium View
Tower J Podium View
Tower K podium View
Tower K Podium View-1
Tower K Road side
Tower K Road Side-1
Tower K Road Side-2
Tower K Road
Tower L Amphitheatre Side
Tower L Commercial
Tower L Commercial-1
Tower L Road Side
Tower L Road side-2
Tower L Road side-3
Tower L Road side-4
Tower L Road side-5
Tower M Road Side-1
Tower M-N Road Side
Tower O Amphitheatre Side
Tower O Podium View
Tower O Road side
Tower O Road side-2
Tower O Road side-3