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Under due guidance of Mr. Gyan Prakash Gupta, M/s Ajnara India Limited extensively engages itself in social and upliftment tasks to help poor and raise their standard of living, be it rural infra development, free education to children or providing comfort during winters.

With the sudden cold wave running through NCR, Ajnara India has been organizing blanket distribution at its various projects spread across the region. Blankets are being provided to the labors, workers and the needy in the adjoining areas of their projects. The distribution was done by the Mr. Gyan Prakash Gupta, Mr. Ashok Gupta and Mr. Nikhil Gupta in the presence of A.E. Mr. P. K. Sharma and Mr. A. Benipuri from the GDA.

Not limiting his virtue only to his family business to provide quality housing to home seekers, Mr. Gyan Prakash Gupta has always lent his helping hand for the betterment of society and people. He has been organizing such programs time and again with steadfast dedication in association with local administrative and government bodies.

The various CSR activities overtaken by the company like Blood Donation Camps, Blanket Distribution, Free Check Up camps, Books Distribution, Eliminating hunger and malnutrition, promoting preventive health care and sanitation, making safe drinking water available, enhancement projects for livelihood of differently abled, and equality of opportunity contribute majorly in peace and stability of the society. At Ajnara’s, we take this as our moral responsibility fulfilling the needs of the people.

News of Ajnara India Ltd. Distributing Blankets To The Needy has appeared in different newspapers.

Story Line: Ajnara India Ltd. Ne Zarurat Mando Ko Kambal Banta

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17th January 2016 - Page No.: 2